Heat exchanger with riser collar for the 150 l Teuva water heater

A heat exchanger for the 150 l Teuva water heater. The heat exchanger provides convenience and safety for cottages, because warm water for bathing and dishes no longer needs to be mixed by hand. The heat exchanger provides pre-mixed water at a safe temperature, removing the risk of scalding from hot water. The water can be used, for example, for taking showers or washing dishes.
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644,00 €


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The heat exchanger is installed into the water cauldron. Installation is easy, you just remove the water cauldron’s lid, mount the heat exchanger with the riser collar in the water cauldron, then connect the heat exchanger. Set the water cauldron’s lid back into place and the installation is complete. The pipes of the heat exchanger circle around the outer edge of the pot, so the cauldron can still be used normally. The hot water in the cauldron heats the cold water circulating inside the heat exchanger.

A mixing valve is available for the heat exchanger. The valve allows water to be dispensed at a desired temperature 35–60°C. The mixing valve prevents the use of scalding hot water.

The heat exchanger’s water can be used, for example, in showers, hand washing sinks and dish washing sinks. The heat exchanger is also handy for providing warm water, for example, for a pressure washer without its own water heater.

The heat exchanger requires pressurized water, such as water mains water, well water or lake water from a pump. In comparison to a hot water heater, the heat exchanger is an inexpensive alternative.

The heat exchanger with a riser collar is ready for installation upon delivery.

A connection kit is available as an accessory.

  • Diameter: 530 mm
  • Height: 510 mm
  • Weight: 7.8 kg
  • The heat exchanger’s material is high-quality copper pipe, into which have been soldered 1/2" exterior-threaded brass connectors for connection to the water supply network.

Heat exchanger with riser collar for the 150 l Teuva water heater

644,00 €