Teuvan water heater 150 liters

The Teuvan water heater (150 liters) is an efficient water heater that lasts for decades. It has a completely stainless structure which makes it long-lasting. The Teuva water heater can even be installed outdoors as its structure withstands demanding conditions. It is no surprise that this product has been praised for its durability – the Teuva water heater has been standard equipment on farms since 1928. Our product is 100% designed and made in Finland.


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The Teuva water heater is an efficient and economical water heater which has been awarded numerous prizes in past decades, for example, in agricultural shows. The water heater is useful on small cattle farms, in riding halls, with pressure washers and in many other applications. The Teuva water heater can even be installed outdoors as its structure withstands demanding conditions.

The Teuva water heater burns wood efficiently – it brings water to boil in less than half an hour with 1.5 loads of wood in the firebox. The water heater heats up the surrounding space and keeps it dry.

The structure of the firebox makes use of the same technology as the field kitchens we supply to the Finnish Defence Forces. The design of the firebox thus ensures clean and complete combustion.

The Teuva water heater is completely stainless. The firebox and the outer surface of the water heater are stainless steel.

The water heater is extremely light, weighing only 68 kg. Thanks to the tipping upper part, the flues are easy to clean and the drain tap adds to convenience of use. The water heater includes a 150 litre pot which is intended only for heating water. In the water heater can be mounted a separate 100-litre inner pot equipped with a cone and handles which convert the water heater into a double pot which functions with a water space in between the pots, for example, for occasionally making soups or milk-based simmered dishes. When the inner pot is lifted out, the water heater works in the usual manner again.

The water heater is available with a straight or an angled flue outlet according to choice.

The Teuva water heater can be equipped with a heat exchanger as an accessory for supplying domestic hot water for different purposes, such as milking machine washing equipment and pressure washers. The heat exchanger is easy and quick to install to the water heater.

  • The firebox has two grates
  • Adjustable legs as standard parts
  • Sealed stainless lid with combined over- and under-pressure valve
  • Spacious firebox for easy use and ignition
  • Drain tap increases convenience
  • Heat exchanger can be freely installed
  • Weight 68 kg
  • Safety distance to combustible materials:
    1000 mm to the side
    1200 mm upwards

Teuvan water heater 150 liters

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