Parra 28 chrome steel

A hard-wearing sauna stove for a large sauna. A sauna stove manufactured from high-quality materials, suitable for 10-26 m³ saunas. The sauna stove has an even longer smoke circulation system than its sister models which makes it extremely energy efficient. If you want a sauna stove for a large sauna, one that will provide long-lasting and exceptionally luxurious steam, the PARRA 28 is an excellent choice. The product is 100% designed and made in Finland.
790,00 €
790,00 €


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Parra sauna stoves are 100% Finnish high-quality wood-burning stoves manufactured by Teuvan Keitintehdas Oy, a Finnish company with a proud 95-year history. 

Parra sauna stoves last for decades

A high-quality Parra wood-burning sauna stove is an excellent choice for your sauna! The Parra 28 wood-burning sauna stove is suitable for a 10-26 m³ sauna and it will provide pleasant steam for everyone in the sauna. A well-managed control of the combustion air allows the wood to burn cleanly. The flue connection is either above or behind the sauna stove. Parra sauna stoves are made from high-quality steel and will last for many decades.

Energy efficiency and the cleanliness of burning

In the designing of our sauna stoves a great deal of emphasis has been placed on energy efficiency and the cleanliness with which the wood burns. The firebox of the sauna stove has been redesigned and a combustion air control system has been added to the firebox which more efficiently burns the flammable gases vaporized in the burning process and decreases heat stress to the frame of sauna stove. Parra sauna products are an ecological alternative. The efficiency of our products is constantly being developed which can also be seen in the design of our low-emission sauna stoves. Our products meet all current and future legal and regulatory requirements.

Short safety distance

Due to the new structure of our sauna stove casings, the thermal effect on surrounding structures has been reduced. Due to this, safety distances have also been reduced which then makes it easier to conveniently place the sauna stove within the sauna.

The sauna stoves are available with outer casings that are either painted black or are of chrome steel. Additionally, we manufacture our sauna stoves entirely of rustproof materials, so our sauna stoves will better withstand moist climatic conditions.

Protective walls allow a sauna stove to be installed closer to combustible materials. If the sauna stove is installed on a wooden floor or a tile floor containing a moisture barrier, a protective base will be required.

  •  Kestävä kiuas suureen saunaan
  • Laadukkaista materiaaleista valmistettu kiuas, joka soveltuu 10-26 m3 saunoihin.
  • Kiukaassa on vieläkin pidempi savunkiertojärjestelmä kuin sisarmalleissaan, mikä tekee siitä todella energiatehokkaan.
  •  Mikäli haluat isoon saunaan kestävän ja todella muhkeat löylyt antavan kiukaan, on PARRA 28 erinomainen valinta.
  •  Hormiliitäntä kiukaan päältä (Ø 143mm) tai takaa (Ø 110 mm.)

Parra 28 chrome steel

790,00 €