Parra Modular Flue

The Parra chimney is suitable for all wood-burning hearths producing smoke gases with a maximum temperature of 600°C. The length of the insulated part is 1450 mm, and the total length is 1660 mm. The flue is easy to extend by our flue modules of different lengths. Parra flue is ideal for sauna stoves, fireplaces, and similar. The flue has the highest classification for the flues (T-600), according to EN 1856 1:2009 standard. Our product is 100% designed and made in Finland.
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790,00 €


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The Parra Modular Flue is a fireproof light flue solution and a CE-approved product. CE marking assures the high quality of the product as well as its materials and manufacturing process. The Parra flue is available with a black outer casing and it is suitable for all hearths. The length of the chimney is easily extended by separately ordered modules, the lengths of which are 300, 600 and 1200 mm.

The Parra Modular Flue is lightweight in structure and thus does not require demanding foundations. The inner and outer pipes are connected in a manner that makes installation fast and easy. The total length of the flue’s insulated portion may be 2–15 metres.

The standard delivery always includes an additional insulation for the intermediate roof, a vapour barrier and a lower support for the roof-covering sheeting. The smoke damper is always included in the standard delivery. All hearths are currently required to have a smoke damper. The smoke damper can be mounted either in the hearth or the flue.

The delivery includes the following items:

1200 mm insulated smoke damper section, 300 mm insulated flue section (flue pipe’s inner diameter 125 mm) and chimney cap
250 mm long uninsulated, rustproof connecting pipe
Radiant heat shield
Attachment band
Through-hole flange 0-22°
Vapour barrier flange 0-22° and vapour barrier tape
Through-hole insulation 200 mm
Through-hole sheath, height 400 mm
Flue support band with perforated band
Roof-covering sheeting support
Roof sealing rubber
Tightening band and cotter pin for roof sealing rubber
Packing box with its supplies
Flue’s installation instructions

  • Standard package contains a 1450 mm long insulated chimney pipe along with essential accessories.
  • Painted with heat resistant paint, colour black.
  • Inner pipe diameter: 125 mm.
  • Outer sheath diameter: 255 mm
  • Material: galvanized steel.
  • Available as accessories: insulated module sections 300 mm, 600 mm and 1200 mm, including attachment band.


Parra Modular Flue

790,00 €