Parra flue 1450 mm

The Parra flue is an installation-ready flue solution. The Finnish Parra flue is suitable for all wood-burning hearths producing smoke gases with a maximum temperature of 600°C. Parra flue is ideal for sauna stoves, fireplaces, and similar. The flue has the highest classification for the flues (T-600), according to EN 1856 1:2009 standard.
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716,00 €


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The Parra flue is built to be durable and fireproof. Between the insulation and the outer casing is an air gap for air circulation.

The flue package contains sheet metal fittings for the roof, a chimney cap made from stainless steel, a through-hole collar for the ceiling, a 25 cm connecting pipe, a radiant heat shield and a smoke damper. The outer casing of the flue is galvanized sheet steel and the inner pipe is made of stainless steel.

Equipped with a smoke damper.

  • PARRA flues are CE marked and in accordance with the standard EN 1856 1:2009.
  • Temperature class is T600 which is suitable for all hearths.
  • The length of the insulated portion is 1450 mm.
  • Total length 1690 mm.
  • Flue pipes, Ø143 mm.
  • Soot fire resistance class: Soot fire resistant.
  • Safety distance 40 mm from combustible materials.
  • Cross-sectional dimensions 305 x 305 mm.
  • Installation opening’s minimum dimensions 385 x 385 mm.
  • Through-hole’s additional insulation 40 mm. Class A1 hard mineral wool (not included in delivery).
  • Maximum thickness of intermediate floor insulation at the through-hole 200 mm.
  • Materials:
    -Flue pipe is made of stainless steel.
    -Insulation is a mineral wool insulation pipe.
    -Outer casing’s sheath is a galvanized sheet steel.
    -Outer casing’s ends and rain hat are of stainless steel.

Parra flue 1450 mm

716,00 €