Parra 80S water heater (80 liters)

The Parra 80S heats up a large amount of water with a small amount of wood. The Parra water heater is safe because its outer cover is not hot. The heater is lightweight and easy to transport even to an island. The Parra heater can even be installed outdoors as its stainless structure withstands demanding conditions. This product is long-lasting. Our product is 100% designed and made in Finland.


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The Parra water heater has a completely stainless structure which gives the product a long service life. The heater has a stainless steel firebox which makes use of the same technology as the field kitchens we supply to the Finnish Defence Forces. The Parra water heater can even be installed outdoors as its structure withstands demanding conditions. The heater is easy to install straight with the help of a base.

Thanks to its heat-insulating structure, the outer cover of the heater is not hot. The firebox and air ducts ensure economical combustion of the wood. The firebox is spacious and easy to fill. The fire plates of the firebox are stainless fireproof steel.

The Parra water heater keeps the water warm for a long time – even after 24 hours from extinguishing the fire, the water temperature is still 50 degrees.

A base and a heat exchanger with fittings are available as accessories for the heater.

  • Weight: 40 kg
  • Diameter: 635 mm
  • Height: 745 mm
  • Volume of pot: 80 l
  • Diameter of flue outlet: 139 mm
  • Distance of flue outlet from floor surface: 535 mm

Parra 80S water heater (80 liters)

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