Protective base for sauna stove, chrome steel

A Parra protective base can be used to safely install a sauna stove on any type of floor surface. The protective base’s dimensions are 500 x 660 x 30 mm.
123,00 €
123,00 €


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The protective base effectively reduces downwards-directed radiant heat and thus also protects the moisture barrier of the floor as well as the cables or pipes for in-floor heating.
The protective base is equipped with adjustable legs, making it easy to install the base so that it is perfectly level.

  • Width: 500 mm.
  • Length: 660 mm.
  • Height: 30 mm.
  • Weight: 5.5 kg.
  • Material: chrome steel.
  • Adjustment margin for adjustable legs: +20 mm

Protective base for sauna stove, chrome steel

123,00 €