Parra flue module 300 mm, insulated, black

A 300 mm chimney module painted with heat resistant black paint. The chimney module is also a stylish decorative element. The diameter of the inner pipe is Ø 125 mm. The temperature class of the chimney is T600, meaning that it can be used with all types of hearths.
71,00 €
71,00 €


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The Parra flue is a Finnish Key Flag product, guaranteed quality for already more than 30 years. The flues are manufactured from start to finish in Finland. It is our desire to offer every customer a completely safe experience enjoying the warmth of a fireplace or the steam of a sauna stove.

The inner pipe’s diameter is Ø 125 mm. All sizes of flue have the temperature class T600, meaning that the flue can be used with all types of hearths. The flue is quick to install and additionally it is inexpensive.

The material thickness of the flue’s inner pipe is 1 mm and the material is stainless steel. The flue is CE marked and tested by Finnish Research Center VTT. The insulation is tongue and groove stone wool with a thickness of 60 mm. The tongue and groove insulation prevents the formation of a thermal bridge in the outer casing.

  • Inner diameter: Ø 125 mm.
  • Outer diameter: Ø 255 mm.
  • Weight per meter: 10 kg/m

Parra flue module 300 mm, insulated, black

71,00 €