Teuvan Grill

The Teuvan LPG Grill is a must at every event – with it you can grill food a large number of people. Getting it ready for use is quick and easy – all you need is a gas cylinder for connecting to the grill. The grill is easy to transport and assemble. Grease collection trays (a set of 3) are included in the delivery. They make cleaning the grill manger easier because they can simply be washed under running water or wiped with kitchen towel after use. The delivery does not include the gas cylinder. Our product is 100% designed and made in Finland.
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1 045,00 €


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Teuvan Grill a great investment for preparing food for a large number of people. It is made of stainless steel and will serve for a long time.  

The grill is easy to clean and maintain because the burner tubes can be detached without tools. The grill’s detachable legs ensure that it fits into a passenger car without difficulty. The grill is simple to use. If the amount of food required is smaller, one of the burner tubes can be turned off.

The grill’s standard equipment includes grease collection plates at the bottom of the grill manger which lengthen its service life by protecting the grill body from soiling. After use, the grease collection plates can be lifted out of the body and washed under running water or wiped clean, for example, with kitchen towel.

The accessories available for the grill include a wind shield, a hygiene shield and a griddle. We also provide full maintenance services and spare parts.

  • The grill meets the required EU norms, which is indicated by the CE conformity marking.
  • The Grill is equipped with the flame detection system
  • Fuelled by LPG.
  • Gas consumption at full capacity is approximately 1.5 kg/h.
  • A control device regulates the gas flow to the burner tubes and the pilot burner.
  • The shut-off valve of one of the burner tubes also allows use with one burner tube, in which case the other half of the grill serves as a good storage space for already hot products.
  • Height: approximately 900 mm with legs attached, 225 mm without legs.
  • Length: 1370 mm.
  • Width: 525 mm.
  • Grilling area: 500 x 1050 mm, equipped with two stainless gratings.
  • Weight: approximately 20 kg without gas cylinder.
  • Power: approximately 20 kW.
  • The delivery includes a pressure regulator for a thread valve gas cylinder (30 mbar)
  • Adapter set for a pressure regulator is an assessory  

Teuvan Grill

1 045,00 €