Praasu outdoor cook-top/barbeque/fireplace

Grill, fry, cook and enjoy! The Praasu outdoor kitchen fireplace is perfect for innovative cooking with feeling. The word Praasu refers to a fire of considerable size which can be perceived by all the senses. The name crystallizes the versatile and warm essence of the product which entices to enjoy oneself. Use Praasu as a wood-burning cooker, a large frying surface, and a barbeque. Besides, Praasu works as an open fireplace when opening the lid part of the frying surface. Praasu is a long-life product for private and professional use. Feel the Praasu by all the senses!
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1 183,00 €


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Praasu is a multipurpose outdoor kitchen fireplace which may be fired with wood, barbecue charcoal or gas. The Praasu fireplace may be used as a traditional wood stove, as a large fry top and a wood or a charcoal grill. Praasu has a lid which can be opened to convert it into an open fireplace to create warm atmosphere.

Thanks to its streamlined design and refined usability, the Praasu fireplace is beautiful to look at and a pleasure to use. Chef and restaurateur Jani Unkeri from Juurella restaurant took part in the product development. Praasu’s fry top has several temperature zones which make it suitable for quick searing, slower cooking or even boiling.

In designing the Praasu fireplace, Teuvan Keitintehdas utilised its long-standing experience and know-how of manufacturing field kitchens for demanding use. Praasu’s firebox has been adopted from a currently used field kitchen, where its characteristics have been refined with a view to clean combustion and a long service life.

Praasu heats up with a small amount of wood which makes preparing meals quick.

  • The frame and the firebox are stainless steel.
  • The outer cover is black heat resistant texture painted stainless steel
  • Easy to clean e.g. with a wire brush.
  • Adjustable legs
  • Weather-proof protective hood
  • Cook-top door opening crank
  • Cast iron grates mounted on the cook-top door aperture and acting as griddles.
  • The width of the cook-top is approx. 84 cm
  • Working height: approx. 93 cm
  • Exterior dimensions of Praasu (W x D x H) 86 x 56 x 150 cm (with flue).
  • Weight: 65 kg


Praasu outdoor cook-top/barbeque/fireplace

1 183,00 €