Paella Pan

The Paella pan is a great equipment for every event - with this, you can quickly cook for up to 50 people. This pan allows for a variety of dishes from traditional stir-fries to vegetarian dishes. The ring burner temperature of the pan is easy to adjust and has an even heat distribution. Delivery includes no gas cylinder.


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The Paella pan has large, stainless steel, concave shape cooking surface. Due to the shape, heat distribution is even on all cooking surface.

The pan is detachable and easy to transport. The pan material is stainless steel, so it is hygienic. The Paella pan is light and fits in a small space, and is easy to assemble.

The Paella pan uses a ring burner. Standard equipment for the pan includes a stand and a windshield around the pan. The burner and cover(lid) do not include in the delivery.

  •  The diameter of the pan is 90 cm.
  • The depth of the pan is 10 cm.
  • The pan is stainless steel made, shape concave. (Not suitable crêpes baking.)
  • Working Height 90 cm
  • Height 20 cm packed
  • 22 kg weight

Paella Pan

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