Field kitchen FC30

The FC30 field kitchen can operate under all conditions from the swelter of a savannah to sub-zero cold. This lightweight and easily movable field cooker can be used to prepare food for 50–150 persons. Our product is 100% designed and made in Finland.
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3 157,00 €


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The small size and protective frame of the FC30 field cooker make it easy to move. The field cooker can be tipped when supported by its stand. The pot is easy to remove, allowing soot to be cleaned from its outer surface. The field cooker contains stovepipe (three parts) with a spark arrester. The inner pot of the field cooker has a filling scale.

The standard fuel is wood. A gas burner is available as optional extra, using which the heating power can be adjusted with precision.

If several field cookers are being used, they can be stacked on top of each other during transportation.

  • The material is stainless steel and the structure is food-safe.
  • The field kitchen uses a non-flammable and non-freezing food grade heat transfer fluid.
  • Light, weights only 45 kg
  • Length: 700 mm
  • Width: 600 mm
  • Height: 750 mm
  • Cooking pot volume: 30 l
  • Can cook soups, porridges and braised foods.

Field kitchen FC30

3 157,00 €