Field kitchens

Teuvan Keitintehdas field kitchens are designed to serve large groups of people under demanding conditions. Due to the mobility and the ease of using the devices, food can be cooked there, where the people are. Our devices are lightweight and can be towed behind any kind of four-wheel vehicle whatsoever. Cooking is also possible while under tow.

Food preparation using a field kitchen is fast and efficient. Using the smallest kitchen, it is possible to prepare 30 servings, and with a largest kitchen 450 servings. The largest kitchen has one 150 litre cooking pot and two 60 litre cooking pots. The smallest has a 30 litre cooking pot. Food preparation work requires only one person.

The field kitchens operate using a heat transfer system such that a heat transfer fluid circulates within the kitchen. This means that the heat from the flames is not directed to only one point, instead it is distributed evenly across the entire bottom and to the edges of the cooking pot, and food will not burn to the bottom of the pot.

Our products are designed to be easy to clean and to remain hygienic even under challenging conditions. The cooking pot can be tipped and cleaned, and the cooker has no surfaces or cavities prone to collecting debris. The field kitchens are also energy efficient because they are heated with wood or other fuels in accordance with the wishes of the customer. Fuel consumption is low.

Our field kitchens are built to last. It is a testament to their quality that the Finnish Defence Forces have been our biggest customer since the 1920s.

Our field kitchens are Finnish Key Flag products. Our products are 100% Finnish designed and built.