Field kitchen FK2000  /  Light kitchen LFK150  /  Teuva-defence FC75 and FC30  /  Sledge kitchen


Ultralight and highly man-portable cookers for food preparation in the field in the most rugged of conditions. These two models differ only in capacity. Durable and requiring only minimal maintenance which may be performed by the operator in the field. 100% stainless steel construction.


– Suitable for serving up to 200 persons.
– Kettle tips to horizontal for cleaning. Equipped with both wheels and skis. May be moved by one person easily.
– In addition to conventional cooking, may be used for steaming with the addition of optional six-piece set of baskets.
– Model FC75D is a multifuel (Diesel) version which may also be coupled to the FK2000 for increased yield.
– May also be operated on locally available sold fuels including wood by removing the LP or Diesel burner.
– Infusion liquid in the double wall kettle for even heat distribution is freeze proof, fireproof, and non-toxic.


– Suitable for serving 20 -100 people.
– All other features are the same as the larger FC75.