The leader since 1925.


In addition to high quality products we also offer our customers training, testing, product design, development, maintenance, and rebuild. Our highest ambition is to provide our customers with absolute satisfaction.

Our facilities are ideal for these purposes. Our new factory has dedicated space for product training, both classroom and hands-on. Our premises are equipped with several drive-in bays for maintenance services and the test and evaluation of equipment to optimise performance.


Our staff is comprised of educated career professionals. Our team members are skilled in advanced welding methods, have expertise in deep drawing and moulding technology, multi-axis laser cutting, and the use of robotic welding. Our installation and maintenance personnel have a complete knowledge of vehicles and mobile cooking systems including hydraulics, combustion and thermodynamics, electronic systems, motors, and electrical generators. We continuously conduct in-house research and use the results to impart continuing education to all employees. We produce all of our products with the highest level of professionalism and a wealth of experience.


Our company’s Quality and Management Systems are certified ISO9001 2015 by Bureau Veritas.

We follow all current standards in our products and production.


Common spare parts are in our warehouse for shipment the next working day. In urgent cases we are able to make next day delivery.


Our wide network of trusted subcontractors and material suppliers enable flexible production processes. Most of our subcontractors are located close to us for close cooperation, easy communication, quick delivery, and efficient operations.


We continuously monitor the quality of our material suppliers. We use only the highest quality materials to include stainless steels, aluminium, and other ferrous metals appropriate to the application.


All products carry a one year warranty from the date of purchase. Detailed terms are available on request and are supplied with the products.


We achieve the best possible energy efficiency in our products and operations. Our products utilise advanced thermal technology to optimise energy use effectively.


We choose the most efficient and suitable materials for our products. We collect and recycle metal wastes arising from our production for re-use. We minimise packing and other waste quantities and recycle these materials as well.