Teuvan Defence manufactures all of our products with the highest level of professionalism and the benefit of our 85 years of experience. We use the latest and most advanced machinery, production methods, and thin plate technologies. An early proponent of robotic welding and computer-controlled laser cutting, Teuvan Defence values time, motion, and energy efficiency in all of our operations, thus maximizing quality while reducing costs.

Production methods

  • Automated Laser cutting 3D/2D
  • Computer Programmable Fully Automated Machine Stamping
  • Advanced Deep Drawing
  • 3D-modelling and design
  • MiG- and TiG- welding
  • Fully Robotic Welding
  • Auto-Advance Linear Welding with Perfect and Consistent Bead

Production machines

  • Deep Drawing Presses:
    3000kN 1200 x 1200 mm and
    6500kN 1800 x 1200 mm. Latest Control System c. 2011
  • Sheet Metal Press Brakes: 3.1 m /100 t and 2.5 m / 80 t
  • 5-axis 2D/3D-laser cutting system
    – 3000 x 1500 x 400 mm
    – 3 kW Resonator
    – Ten input Bins with automated loading and handling system