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Our Field kitchen LFK150 is a flyweight field kitchen which can be towed by a vehicle as small as a passenger car. This model is popular with humanitarian organisations and private concerns. It is suitable in all environments and conditions.


– Light kitchen which can be towed. Suitable for all conditions.
– Ideal for serving 150 – 400 people in the field.
– Operates on LP gas or solid fuels and can be configured to operate on diesel or kerosene as well.
– Changing the fuel source can be performed quickly by only changing the furnace door – without tools.
– Easy to use, no previous technical knowledge required
– Easy to care for with minimal maintenance.


– Kettles: 150 litre double wall kettle and two 20 litre water kettles.
– Well suited to winter use. Infusion liquid in the double wall kettle for even heat distribution is freeze proof, fireproof, and non-toxic.
– Sturdy and durable structure – key parts made from stainless steel.
– Strongly built, non-rusting gas burner and rack for two fuel canisters.
– Kettle tips out for easy cleaning. Folds to vertical for storage in a closet sized space.
– Can be equipped with the similar camouflage and weather protection as the FK2000.