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The field kitchen FK2000 will feed up to 500 people with three meals per day in any environment. The FK2000 is also designed for cooking while on the move, and will operate using all forms of fuel.


– Multi-fuel kitchen: diesel, kerosene, LP gas, and solid fuels including wood.
– Powerful diesel generator, sound insulated.
– Integrated detachable tenting for weather protection and camouflage.
– Based on standard components with worldwide availability.
– Can be coupled to modular accessory cold storage or food preparation and serving units.


– Wide range of cooking, boiling, and frying equipment: 150 litre and 140 litre double wall kettles, other kettles for cooking, steaming, frying, deep frying, and grilling. Cooking equipment combinations are easily interchanged as required.
– All Stainless steel cooking surfaces.
– Optional 150 litre convection oven suitable for baked meals.
– All temperature adjustments via electronic thermostats.
– Excellent lighting in work areas with blackout mode.
– Capacity: three meals per day with a staff of three persons, feeding 300 people with a multiple choice menu, 500 people with a simple menu.


– Extremely agile mobile field kitchen for demanding conditions. Ideal for rapid deployment.
– Suitable for compact loading, 1.5 tons, 4.8m x 1.7m x 2.2m.
– Adjustable tow bar – can be towed by any vehicle.
– Configured to cook on the move, while in tow.